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Manuel Sanchez
Klaus Wagner

Our vision

We have a great responsibility to future generations. We have created a sophisticated method that makes it possible to minimise the risk of pandemic in the economic, social and cultural domains.

Our vision consists of implementing the most rapid and effective system on the market to detect infections in order to interrupt the chain of infection as soon as possible anywhere in the world.

The networked digital connection of several Thermal Screening systems interfaced with notification or reporting bodies delivers the possibility of compiling and analysing information in real-time at local, regional, national and global level

Our mission

We detect infected and sick people and actively prevent further outbreaks from occurring with the help of networked technological and personnel solutions.

Our customised solutions for the different sectors enable companies, institutions and organisations to continue to do business or engage in their activity while still fulfilling the protection measures.

Our commitment

Safety and security, trust and professionality are the values that underpin our day-to-day work. Cutting-edge technology, linked to process safety, enables decision-makers to guarantee the highest possible level of protection in organisations.
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