Active and integrated early detection and notification system

With this early detection and notification system we provide a unique and integrated protection method from pandemics such as Covid-19.

Active system

to immediately implement preventive measures on the ground prior to the protection measures taken by decision-makers (such as the ministries of central or regional governments, healthcare authorities, company management).

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Thermal Screening Service Center

The TSSC can be adapted to customer needs and prevents the outbreak of focal points of infection at the centre.

The TSSC guarantees the implementation of the entire process and compliance with quality requirements.

Active prevention method with

Thermal Screening


Trained personnel

The people who need to be controlled are treated with respect and their human dignity is never compromised. Respect and courtesy are two core aspects of the way we work.

IR technology

Application of the technology

Totally NDAA-compliant

All the parts and camera systems used by us are totally compliant with the requirements of the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) of the United States of America

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Rapid molecular diagnostic test

Application of the technology


Building-specific configuration

Compliance with data protection


It is the fastest real-time detection system on the market
Continuous detection by means of a recurring process
It prevents the emergence of further outbreaks
Escalation levels can be designed freely with the decision-making matrix
Effective information availability with predefined notification chains
Virtually no impact on movement flows and speeds
No side-effects and no impact on health
No stigmatisation of the people being examined
Observance of data protection, no personal data are recorded
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All the parts and cameras used by us are fully compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of the USA.

The NDAA has drawn up a list, particularly section 889, of companies and components of Chinese provenance for the prevention of spying. They cannot be used for telecommunications equipment (including security products) or services that are sold to federal organisations of the United States, its contractors, to the beneficiaries of subsidies or loans or to their associated organisations.

Thermal Screening does not use SoC (System on Chip) or other components that can process software by Chinese companies. Moreover, the thermal detection products purchased from our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are also totally NDAA-compliant.