Manage the risk of pandemic by yourself

Reduced turnover

  • Avoid having to shut down businesses
  • Guarantee cash flow and solvency

Personnel costs

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Help risk groups to return to work
  • Cut the costs of a shorter working day

Business activity

  • Maintain productivity
  • Minimise the interruption of operating processes
  • Avoid bottlenecks in key areas

Time lost or wasted due to travel and access restrictions

  • Avoid delays caused by the quarantine and the requirements imposed upon visitors/other companies
  • Suppliers can render their services at the factory, in the building or in the organisation with a lower risk of infection
  • Resume attendance-based negotiations and strategic meetings

Supply Chain

  • Avoid delivery delays
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Avoid penalties and contractual issues


  • Simpler compliance of precautionary measures
  • Save costs in overseeing measures

Request and needs analysis

  • Number of entry points
  • Number of incoming people
  • Sampling frequency


  • First interview, with presentation
  • In situ tour of the building’s entrance points
  • Measurement of the space with laser systems

Personalised offer

  • Configuration
  • Notification chain
  • Escalation plan
  • Conditions

Offer meeting

  • Consideration of special needs
  • Appointment scheduling

Thermal Screening GmbH payment models

  • Purchase solution with monthly operation for 3 months
  • Leased solution, with operation for 13 months
  • Leased solution, with operation for 24 months


  • Set the starting date
  • Define to whom the case reports will be sent

Manage the pandemic risk in your company with our customised protection measures!

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