Themal Screning is a company dedicated to combating pandemics with highly effective high-tech solutions and medical-technological products.

IR Concept- Fever detection in entrance situations

The detection of potential COVID-19 infected persons is made possible by a cumulative combination of various information from different data sources.

Both external and internal parameters are recorded and a digital evaluation process to be defined ensures the highest possible “hit rate”.

AernoviR: Air purification to reduce viral load and risk of infection

Are you an entrepreneur, self-employed or a member of a liberal profession? Then get in touch today and benefit from our specific hygiene advice on air purification. The consultation is carried out on the basis of the floor plan of your business premises and, if necessary and possible, in a joint on-site appointment. According to your needs (room size in cubic metres, frequency of people and other possibilities for air exchange), we develop an individual solution for your premises. Technicians are available for the installation and assembly of the air purifiers.

Covid-19 Schnelltest

Covident rapid antigen and antibody tests

Covident is an easy-to-use Covid-19 rapid test for rapid medical diagnosis that has been proven in professional use. Early detection of infectious patients can significantly reduce the super-spreader risk.

The simple and painless collection of the saliva sample is suitable for testing symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

Med Centre: Vaccination and treatment centres in mobile room solutions

The MedCenters are characterised by a wide range of uses. For example, the room solution available at short notice is ideally suited as a vaccination and treatment centre.

The MedCenter can be used as a full-fledged intensive care unit for the treatment categories ICU low-care, ICU high care and ECMO.

Medizinische Raumlösung
Automatische Masken Erkennung mit Kamera

AI software solutions, e.g. automatic mask recognition

Ensuring the mandatory safety equipment of employees with protective clothing and monitoring its use is part of every employer’s duty of care.
Our high-tech AI solutions enable, for example, the automatic detection of the wearing of protective masks or helmets. The immediate automated, acoustic and visual address of the person in case of negative events indicates the violation of a safety guideline.

This can significantly reduce the workload of control personnel.

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